Is it possible to bridge vlan interface?

  • Hi all

    I have 3 DSL lines and want to bridge 2 of them, but i have only 3 NICs (1st - 3 VLAN WAN, 2nd - 2 VLAN LAN, 3rd - bridge for 2 VLAN WAN).

    Also I try to install pfsense having 5 lines (3 real WAN + 2 internal vSwitch) into vmware esxi 4.1 box and bridge 2 wan intarface with 2 vSwitch interface? Is it ok?

    Behind 1st pfsense transparent firewall there wil be 2 pfsense proxies with 2 VLAN for LAN access and bridge from transparent pfsense.

    Is it possible to bridge vlan interface to another (vlan or hardware) interface?

  • Yes you can do that. Though I would probably stay away from doing so, or at least be very careful not to mess up the VLANs on any of your switches or you could end up with a layer 2 loop much more easily than bridging scenarios without VLANs.

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