Control PFsense with Perl and API

  • Does PF Sense have a way to control everything through an API of some sort?

    I want to create a webpage written in Perl that can control PF Sense. Is this possible
    For example, from a separate webpage a user can add a firewall rule.

    Is it also possible to limit what a user can see? Limit them to information only they have created?

  • I think what you want is XMLRPC. As far as I know, there is no reference for it. There is a DevWiki but I didn't see any info there on XMLRPC. There are some packages that use it for config sync, and of course pfSense itself uses it for config sync. I don't know what else it supported but I would like to know as well.

    In 2.0+ you can create users in the user manager and control exactly which pages they have access to but there aren't any ACLs on things like firewall rules to where it would owned by a user. You would probably have to keep track of this in your own application; maybe use the description of the firewall rule to store some info that's parseable to you (@@ownerid=45261903@@) just an example.

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