Prevent Servers A,B,C from talking to servers X,Y all VMs

  • I m trying to quarantining server groups. Linux or/and Windows based

    For example I have 5 virtual servers. Server: A,B,C,X,Y

    I want Servers ABC to be in  Group1 and XY to be in Group2. The two groups should not be able to know the other exists nor communicate in any way. Like a mini-private cloud

    Can PF Sense do this?

    What about vlans?

  • put servers in abc in one vlan and server xy to other vlan. then create vlan interfaces to pfsense and make rules, that these vlans cant communicate with another one.

  • So PFsense is unable to make vlans on its own?

  • you'll have to tell that it uses vlan's.. pfsense cant look from crystal ball if vlans are needed or not ;)

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