60 days running straight!

  • Hi,
      I post this message to say that version 2.0-RELEASE (i386) on my primary machine is running since 60 days straight! Basically from the first day that version 2.0-RELEASE has been released until now… no one reboot, no one problem (except a couple with CARP, but to fix I didn't need to reboot), everything is working great... fast, stable and reliable! Consider that our pfSense is running with 5 NICs in a production environment, manages 10 different networks, 3 IPSec VPNs, CARP, a LCD Panel, and has routed a total of 5.6Tb of traffic in this 60 days of work!!

    Thanks to all for this great result!!!!


  • Day 54 and still solid as day 1.

  • it totally rocks…

  • Netgate Administrator

    A few years ago (probably more!) a friend of mine complained that his FreeBSD server was becoming unstable and he thought he'd have to replace it. When I asked about it he explained it had just crashed for the third time. That day? Nope, the third time during the life of the machine!  :o (something over five years).
    He explained that one crash a year was considered 'unstable'. Coming from a Windows background at the time this was something of a revelation!  ::)

    My main pfSense box has been rock solid. It only gets interrupted for updates or when I do something stupid.

    This should probably be in feedback really.


  • Consider them stable when you can build them into a wall… like a Novell ;)

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