Routing among differents interfaces LAN,WAN and OPT1

  • Hi all,
    I'm brand new with this kind of problem.
    I've 3 network I would like to communicate each other.
    So i built up a pfsense machine with three interfaces LAN, WAN and OPT1
    I'm able to communicate in bidirectional way  LAN<->WAN and LAN<->OPT1 but I can't do WAN<->OPT1.
    I completely disabled firewall features.
    I didn't add any static routes.
    Pheraps am I doing something wrong? Can I link WAN to OPT1 and viceversa?
    My networks are "internal" so I don't need any PPPoE features or something else. I would like to use pfsense like a physical router.

    Thank You



  • don't disable firewall "features"

    add rules like this
    WANTAB: pass | src wan_subnet | dest opt1_subnet
    OPT1TAB: pass | src opt1_subnet | dest wan_subnet

    also if your wan interface is not really a wan interface, you might consider disabling NAT

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