WinSCP and SSH

  • I just built a new machine to replace an older machine that is failing, but I'm running into some issues.  I installed WinSCP and I am able to authenticate with the firewall, but it appears that the firewall is not responding with a shell prompt.  Instead, it is responding with the console menu which is preventing WinSCP from getting any further.

    Is this a bug in pfSense 2.0?  Or is there something else that needs to be setup in WinSCP for this to work?

  • Netgate Administrator

    To use WinSCP login with root instead of admin. As you correctly guessed the admin account always spawns the menu confusing scp.


  • Hey Steve,

    I sort of missed that in instructions.  It's been 20 years since I've worked with UNIX or FreeBSD.  Also, "ksh" and "BASH" (the 2 shells in the drop down) appear to not be installed in the OS.  Once I found which shells are available, I entered "/bin/tcsh" and I was working.

    The reason that I'm going through all of this is because the drivers for the Intel 82546EB are barely working on the old machine, and completely fail on the new machine, so I need to build the new driver that Intel released in October 2011.  Now I'm having trouble finding "make", which doesn't appear to be installed, or has been renamed.


  • Netgate Administrator

    There are no build tools included in pfSense as this would only serve to reduce security.
    If you need to compile new drivers (it may not be possible) you need to do it on a FreeBSD 8.1 install and then transfer the file.


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