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  • Here's what I have:

    I am attempting to set up PFSense on a new build. Installed to HDD fine, but when we get to the interface set-up, PFSense only sees two of my three LAN links. Hardware is:

    qpack case, WD 160g hdd, 1 gig cruicial ram, amd athlon II processor and a gigabyte 78LMT-S2P  motherboard.

    at this point I was looking to change the IRQs of the short PCI-E slot just to test if there was a conflict, but I am as yet unable to do this. Mostly because I have just a very basic Linux understanding and am really not sure what to do searches for command wise to accomplish this. Plus what commands I have tried (mostly ifconfig stuff) have met the inevitable :"Command does not exist" error.

    So What I am in need of here is either some schooling on whether the FreeBSD OS running is so stripped down that these kinds of changes are not possible, or if someone has a link to better information on how to check IRQs and/or change them specifically related to PfSense 2.0, I would be most grateful.

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    That board has one Realtek 8111E NIC built in. What are the other two NICs you have added? Which one isn't being detected?


    Edit: In case you didn't realise FreeBSD is not Linux!  :)

  • Both nis are intel pro but one is pci and the other is a short block pci-e. Both are gigabit capable. I'm not in the office right this second so I cannot give model numbers. The pci-e is a cf I tjink. I will have to update when I get back. I suspect the pci-e is somehow disabling the onboard but I cannot tell. And yes. I understand the very distinct differences between linux and all other kernals out there. I used the term in the generic. No offense was intendes to the gurus out there.

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    It's best to get the BSD/Linux confusion out of the way early.  ;)

    So it's the Realtek interface that isn't recognised?

    This thread might be of use to you: http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,41742.0.html

    It appears that some hardware revisions are not supported by the driver that ships with pfSense 2.0.


  • Thanks for the info Steve. I was given some leeway on the job by my boss to see if I could get this running with the hardware given, unfortunately it's looking like I'm going to have to just grab one of the older Main Boards and run with that instead. I can't legitimize the time it would take me to learn to re-code freeBSD to make it work with my hardware. COuple hours of research and then I just build the machine with parts I know work.

    Saddens me there is no fix right yet. But I will wait for the freebsd9.x PFsense build and try again then. Perhaps there will be better HW support that includes what I am trying to use by then.

    I certainly appreciate the link and insights. Thanks


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    You should check the logs to make sure it is being caused by an unrecognised hardware version. It might be something completely different and easily fixable.

    pfSense 2.1 will be based on FreeBSD 9.X and so will have far newer drivers. With the new six month release cycle this should be out around March. Even if it isn't there will probably be betas before then.


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