Quick 2.0 1:1 NAT Question

  • Working on migrating from a Sonicwall firewall to a PFsense 2.0 FW and I am setting up a lot of 1:1 NATs and I am having a terminology issue.

    If my external IP (Setup as a VIP IP Alias) is (We have a /26 block)
    The internal IP I want this to point at is

    I have an alias setup for each internal, external and ports list of each of these NAT/FW rules but I am struggling with the Internal IP vs Destination.

    Should i setup Internal IP to any and set the Destination as the internal_alias i created? Or so i need to set Internal IP to the same value as the alias I created and leave destination  empty? Or do I set both?

    Thanks in advance,


  • After you setup the 1:1, your firewall rules with be source is any/any and destination will be to internalalias/internalport.

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