Pfsense 2 - reset queues INCLUDING drops

  • I have PRIQ traffic shaping on 2 WANS, 1 LAN.  In pfsense 1.2.3 you could disable/enable the shaper via a check box and save - this would quickly reset the queues, including the number of drops counters.  In 2.0 you are instructed to reset states which is a bit more disruptive but it does not reset the number of drops on queues.  Is there anyway to do this other than running through the traffic shaper wizard which is a pain and not a viable option on a live environment?  Thanks.


  • I guess having a "reset queues" button on the queue button status page would be nice, but going to the Firewall -> Rules -> Floating, then copy a rule, change eg. from WAN/LAN and save.. then delete it, and click the "Save" button on the floating page will reset the queues and statuses.

    Atleast its a wee bit easier than running the whole wizard again :)


  • Thanks, C.

    I like the new capabilities of Traffic Shaper in pf2 but miss some of the simpler features of pf1.2.3.  I have many firewalls to support and miss the 'bullet proof' ability of downloading a shaper.xml file, modifying it with a text editor, and simply uploading it to another pf install.  I know you can do that in pf2 but find it has some wrinkles that still need to be ironed out.  For example, it squawks when you modify the default queue saying you can only have one default queue.  So you have to uncheck the default, save, recheck the default, and apply (think I have the order correct) - then its happy although its the same default.

    Anyway, thanks again.

  • I also just found out that if I enable/disable a queue Interface (e.g. WAN), saving in between and apply, the stats (drops, etc.) reset.


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