• Hi,

    How can I set a national keyboard map as default for pfsense?

    Secondly, if I want to send small status messages as emails via my isp's smtp server, how do I do that?

    Thanks a lot for help or comments


  • pfSense doesn't support sending mails currently. If you have a remote syslogserver you can use this one to generate the mails on specific events.

  • Ok, so there is absolutely no other solution to a simple mta with pfsense than using a syslogserver..?

    What about the keyboard mapping, seems not to be a big deal, but I haven't found any info on it?


  • Hank,
    If you use a none embeded version of pfsense and have little experince with linux/freebsd, then you can use this :

    SSH to you firewal and install ssmtp package :
    pkg_add -r ssmtp
    Then look at /usr/local/etc/ssmtp to finding out on how to configure and send email with your firewall

  • for savety you must then alow only to send email
    no other ip's
    if you don't do that when it can be used to send spam

  • OK thanks will try this and report back.  I'm aware of the spam danger.

    As of the keyboard mapping, doesn't it exist any solution for this with pfsense?  I thought that such stuff was kind of basic….?