Hard disk 100%

  • HI all

    IT seems that my pfsense 2.0 stable hard disk is full, is at 100% in the main page, however I can not find any tool to check the usage of the hard disk.

    I use squid and squidguard, and the cache is limited to 4GB.

    I have disabled all the logs, but don't know how to erase data, or how to figure out what folder is using more gigabytes.

    Please help!

  • start with
    cd /
    then do:
    du -sh *

    From there find which has the biggest and go down a level following the directory with the most size.
    Most likely squid cache is the culprit.

  • Thats right

    under /var/squid/cache

    This file is using almost 99% of the disk


    Any idea how to fix that? I think it is the cahce disk or something like that, the very interesting thing is that it started to grow 3 hours ago, when one of the providers went down.


  • That's your cache for your Squid proxy.

    The brute force method is to shut down Squid and then do something like find /var/squid/cache -type f -exec rm {} ; before starting Squid again.

  • I did squid -z then I deleted the swap.state

    And now is fine, but…. this squid has been rock solid for maybe 3 months already, with only 4Gb of cache disk, then today one of my ISP failed and I moved everything to the backup, as soon i did that, the har disk got full, according to nagios my hard disk ahs been in 9%, but today, today... don't know.

  • Does the Squid log tell you what happened? How much disk space did it consume?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    FYI- This is covered on the doc wiki, and in the squid FAQ.

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