Captive portal and Squid

  • hi pfsense people, i would like to use squid / captive portal to be deployed using vmware on my server.

    my problem is that when ever i join squid and cp on same pf, whenever a client using port 3128 directed to my pf, it bypass the cp,

    i wonder if i can do this

    Squid ( –-- > CP ( ---- > Workstations

  • Netgate Administrator

    A few days ago project founder cmb wrote:

    Transparent proxying bypasses captive portal.

    Or are you running Squid on 3128?


  • yes i am running squid on 3128 and also i tried using it on transparent mode, but my problem is that when a user knows about squid and direct their proxy to 3128 they bypass my cp even if i change its port it can be easily found.

    is it possible for this setup ?

    squid "transparent" (–-- >CP ( ------- > Workstation (

    is it possible for the workstation to use squid even if they are not on same subnet?

    and also for this scenario i will be using squid in transparent mode

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