FreeSwitch pkg as a SBC

  • Has any one configured FreeSwitch as a Session Boarder Controller?    Free Switch claims to support this feature. but does the pfsense ver 2.0 support it?    I am having difficulty finding any documentation to explain how to set it up in pfsense.


  • We use karoo bridge behind pfsense. karoo uses freeswitch libraries for its media support. we seriously looked at embedding our sbc in the firewall and after numerous scenarios felt it was far better to do it elsewhere.

  • I found no documentation on Karoo,  No did they respond to an email.

    I willing to install a SBC in parallel to PFSense,  But there are not many Opensource SBC out there.  Recommendations?

  • Good luck finding anything related to SBCs. OpenSBC is dead, freeswitch/kayroo is cryptic. kayroo is limited to 20 channels and no documentation. Looks like for an integrated solution, we'll get what we pay for.

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