OnBoard Realtek8168/8111 - How to compile driver ?

  • Hello,,

    I`m "fighting" with this ethernet card for 2 days ;x Could anyone help my how in Pfsense 2.0 on freeBSD 8.1. release-p4 can i compile this driver ?

    Ive tried by copying module if_re. ko and starting it in /boot/load.cfg but it doesnt help ';x

    I`ve found that it is needed to compile driver by puttig few more files (if_re.c and if_rlreg.h) into source code directory of freeBDS (/usr/src/sys/…) but i cant find similar directory in pfsense.

    Please, i realy need help to run this precise card because i have other PCIe ports full => other Realtek 8111E cards ;x And what is weird these on PCIe ports work just fine :) only problem is with this integrated into mainboard ;x i need 4 interfaces phisical interfaces ;x i would not rather go with VLANs ;x

    Looking forward for your HELP !

    Thank you in advance ;)



    dmesg | grep re2 shows this card but cant set re interface ;x

    re2: <realtek 8111="" 8168="" b="" c="" cp="" …="">re2: Unknow H/W revision: 0x2c8000000
    device_attach: re2 attach returned 6

    and ifconfig re2 can`t find interface</realtek>

  • Really noone ?

  • Netgate Administrator

    There are no build tools or source code included in the pfSense distribution. It would serve only to reduce the security on an install.

    Therefore if you need to compile code for pfSense you have to do it on a standard FreeBSD install. pfSense 2.0 is built on FreeBSD 8.1 so you must use that.

    Unfortunately since FreeBSD 8.1 was released, in May 2010, much has changed in the code base which makes it difficult use code that has recently been added.


  • ok,, i have compiled module if_re.ko but copied to boot/modules and boot/kernel.. added to start at boot if_re_load="YES" doesnt help…. i see module loaded bus still no interface :( i read that there are also these two files in 1 post needed, but still don`t know where to put them :(

    Second try with different hardware that should work with pfsense and it finnaly shows that it cant ;x Its very good distro for firewall, but it seems that freebsd based system provide a lot of limitations :( :(

    so maybe someone will advise me USB ethernet adapter that will work ? I know it`s not good idea to put USB adapter but i really need 4 phisical interfaces ;x VLAN for my purpose is not a solution,,, to much traffic on each interface ;x

  • Netgate Administrator

    It's a case of balancing stability with hardware support. For a firewall I think you would agree that stability is very important.
    The next release, 2.1, will be built on FreeBSD 9.X so it will have much more recent hardware support. The first builds for testing purposes may be available soon.  :)

    So you have successfully built a kernel module. What did you build it on?
    Once you have copied it /boot/modules you need to add the line if_re_load="YES" to /boot/loader.conf.local to get the module to load at boot. It should replace the re driver compiled into the kernel.

    To test the module you can load it manually at the console:

    kldload if_re

    If it loads with no errors you have at least built it against the correct kernel.


  • I`ve found this on other website ;x someone has the same problem,,, but yes,,, kldstat show this module loaded,,, but i think it doesnt replace re driver because my interface doesnt show ;x but hmm,, there is info that module loaded but at the end there is info error 22 ;x

    Do you know  when exactly the new build will show ? cause i need it to be set up now ;x so either i run it with USB adapter or i`ll try diifferent DISTRO that recognise my interface ;x

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