New Server

  • Been running pfsense 2.0 right from early nightly build and am now on 2.0 REL - works brilliantly!

    Old config was a bit of an old home brew server - 2.0Gz Xeon, 1GB mem, 36GB single scsi disk.  Unexpected a spare machine has surfaced - 2x 3.0 GZ Xeon, 4GB and 3 x 72GB SCSI disks.

    Tried to configure pfsense to use all disks - but am failing, it always seems to end up on just ine disk - any clues as to what I might be doing wrong.  I has assumed the extra performance and space would let me put system on one disk, swap on another and squid cache on the third with a enough power to run HAVP - current config became slow when trying before.

    Thoughts appreciated.


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