Update required after manual edit of config.xml?

  • Hi,

    I'm exploring scripting the import of multiple-IP-address rules (e.g., authorized lists of servers, blocklists, etc) from a *bsd setup to pfsense.

    I'm trying to avoid entering the rules one at a time via the gui … and am looking at adding/editing the rules directly in /cf/conf/config.xml.

    The host-lists-as aliases feature planned for v2.x should solve this; but, installing HEAD without the "thumbs up" from the devs here is too much of a risk at the moment.

    If I manually edit /cf/conf/config.xml -- e.g., add a fw rule -- are the changes dynamically pushed to (pulled by?) pfsense?

    Or, do i have to -HUP something, or reboot?

    Iiuc, rules entered via the GUI are dynamically updated, not requiring a reboot for them to take effect, so I'm guessing something simply needs to be refreshed.

    The question is what? and, do I need to do it manually?

  • Do something like this:

    vi /cf/conf/config.xml
    rm /tmp/config.cache