• Maybe this isn't the right area but. . .

    I have 2 internal lans, 10.x and 192.x (each on their own pfsense box)
    I was given a 216.x /29 subnet for public ip use
    but I must use our isp's 216.x /30 subnet ip for our link out.

    So what I'd like to do is this. .

    10.x  –>  216.x /29 --
                                      --------> 216.x /30  ------> internet
    192.x  -->  216.x /29 --

    I know it's possible - even if I have to setup a 3rd box as a dedicated router - but I'm looking for the elegance of using VIP's (or similar)
    Any pros wishing to bestow their wisdom?

    Thank you

  • Do you have any reason to use these 216.x /29 addresses

  • I'll be expanding the 216.x /29 to our wireless network and webserver cluster.
    Why? Are you thinking an additional nic per network and just route through /30?

  • Yes i did thought that for one solution

  • But just for argument sake - could I create a VIP (216.x /29) for each internal network and then route them all to the 216.x /30 link out?


    actual            VIP                  GW                  internet
    10.1.x  –> 216.x.x.100 -->  216.x /30  -->      * * * *
    192.x    --> 216.x.x.101 -->
    172.x    --> 216.x.x.102 -->
    10.9.x  --> 216.x.x.103 -->

    Is this the way it would work?


  • That might work, but i think the problem is in basics of networking gateway has to be on same network. -> with that said you can't use CARP virtual ip's

    You can use PARP or IP alias version of virtual ip