Service Name for PPPoE Server

  • I have more than one PPPoE Server/Relay on the LAN (from other devices). How do I set a service name for the PPPoE server so that clients connect specifically to this PPPoE server? On my modem I can set a service name for the relay.

    Also does the PPPoE client range have to be different from the LAN subnet, or can I just use an unused address block within the LAN subnet (then the PPPoE subnet mask would need to be smaller)?

    1. Interfaces: LAN: PPPoE Configuration: Service name

  • I don't see the PPPoE server as an interface.

    PPPoE under Interfaces->Lan only appears to be for dialing and outgoing PPPoE connection and using that as an interface on the lan. I want to set the service name for pfSense's internal PPPoE server so that client discovery uses service name to find it and connect to it. Otherwise clients will randomly dial whichever PPPoE server on the LAN responds first.

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