Upgrade process lasting more than 8 hours

  • Hi!

    I downloaded the pfSense-2.0-RELEASE-512mb-i386-nanobsd_vga-upgrade.img.gz thinking the 512Mb meant for RAM instead of disk space.

    I started the upgrade process 1.2.3 -> 2.0 final at 23.00 and now are 7:45 and I'm looking the …........................................ (console upgrade) are not stopping or showing signals to finish in some seconds.

    What I should do now ? CTRL+C ? Hard-reset computer ?

    I don't know in which status the pfSense installation will look If I finish the process in a bad way.

    Thx for reading!

  • After 24 hours and a lot of trillions of …. more in the console upgrade process I checked the pfsense web and I see one error saying:

    php: : New alert found: Something went wrong when trying to update the fstab entry. Aborting upgrade.

    I did a CTRL+C on the console and I will try now to re-install the upgrade using the full version instead of the 512Mb I used thinking the 512Mb was a note about RAM.

  • Netgate Administrator

    The 512MB image (and upgrade file) is for nanobsd installs. Are you running the nanobsd version? You should use the correct file for your storage size if you are.


  • Thx, I discovered it reading on the forum.

    When I arrived to my company the pfSense was installed previously and I don't know about the different versions for install them on low capacity devices. I proposed to link to the faq about this question on the upgrade guide.

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