• Dear Forum Users,

    I've got pfsense running for about 4 weeks now but can't seem to get the Multi Wan outbound routing/loadbalancing right. Got the book and worked my way by it and by Multi-WAN 2.0, want to let pfsense handle most of the clients, but also want to preset certain clients for a specific gateway

    I got one 2MBit static fixed IP Line (WAN_QSC_EM2) and one 50MBit VDSL PPPoE line (WAN_VDSLJ41_EM3). I want most of the trraffic to go via the 50 MBit PPPoE, especially local, when i initiate heave traffic from this ip (ftp, jdownloader) it just doesn't seem to go via the fast line as set via the firewall rule

    Thanks for the help

  • All looks fine. What you end up with on those LAN rules is .38 to GW_OPT1, .108 to OSC_GW, and everything else load balanced. That only impacts connections initiated after making those config changes, resetting states will kill off anything that's active from before that if there are any existing.

  • cmb,

    thanks for checking things, seems i'm not so far off as i thought, LAN rules are supposed to do exactly as you clarified. I always reset states after that sort of changes.

    I think I figured one thing out, my client got a second router machine (lancom) as secondary gateway via win-dhcp and might have used that most of the time, took it out of the dhcp optins for now.
    Seems things are working fine now. Sometime you just need somebody more routined to tell you everything is right, that you can start searching elsewhere.

    thanks again