DHCP relay the same for each interface?

  • Hi there board,

    Just made a setup which requires DHCP relay. I have 2 subnets connected on the lan interface (via VLANs), both subnet requires his own DHCP server. 1)

    In the setting for the DHCP relay I do see a tab for each interface… but when I fill in the relay it's copied to the other enabled interface. Is this a bug or design?


    One of the subnets is for MS clients which have a registration in an AD and need to be registered in a MS DNS server. The other subnet is for a security/monitoring app which relies on DHCP to collect MACs (or so the vendor says)

  • Just finished reading and testing dhcrelay…. it seems there is only one target possible.

    It would seem the tabs are for enabling on a per interface basis. The server field is a general field it seems.

    Sorry to have bothered you guys... should have read before I ask...


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