Sync Windows DNS to pfsense?

  • Greetings,

    is it possible to configure pfsense as an internal DNS-Server, which receives all the records from a Windows 2008R2 DNS?
    I´d like to achieve that my DHCP-Clients will get my Win-DNS as primary and pfsense as secondary. In case my Win-DNS goes down,
    pfsense could act as secondary DNS for internal resources, and also for external resources.

    Any hints would be highly appreciated.


  • I have not done this but I suspect a good place to start would be to fill in the DNS Server boxes on the appropriate DHCP server page.

  • Configuring my DHCP is no problem. I just wanted to know if I can sync my DNS with the one I can install in pfsense.

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    I don't think its possible with the gui, the unbound does not allow zone xfers for starters, nor do I belive the tiny dns package does as well?  you would have to use axfr-get with tinydns I believe.. Not sure if that is part of the package to get your zone info from your MS dns

    Now there is nothing saying you couldn't write some script to pull your host info from your MS dns and import that into unbound.  If using the tinydns package, you could prob get the axfer-get stuff to work?

    But off the top I do not believe there is anyway to do what you want with just clicking in the gui, etc.

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