And the award for the stupidest question goes to….

  • HI,

    Well I am now reaching the point that most of us have certainly reached once in their life time, wher eI am going to ask something totally stupide but where I cannot just find the answer anywhere.. I have just installed PFSense on a VM and after following tutorials and getting the system to boot right, I reach this screenwhere the system askes me what I want to do. From Logout (0) to enable secure Shell (14) My question is simple : How to I launch the graphic interface ?  I have tried many options, and looked at many tutorials, but all of them assune that you all ready know how to do that..

    (Now that you finished laughing, please just tell me how to do it… )  ;D


  • You point your web browser at it.  The machine itself is just going to give a text console.

    This makes a lot of sense if you think about it.  :)

  • Lol, yes it does, Just figured this one out. Strangely enough, I cannot ping the machine running on VM Ware, and cannot access it yet, need to figure out what is the problem there.

    Thank you for your help :)


  • Your LAN and WAN are on the same subnet as well.  That will probably cause some problems.  Do change the LAN ip through 'Set interface(s) IP addresses'

    Aside from that you probably have more to settle with regards to linking the virtual interfaces to actual physical interfaces or at least by routing internally on the host.

  • Thank you for your answer,
    Yup you got it. Linking 4 or 5 int isn't prooving so easy. Will just drop the VMware install, and run it on an old Server in just unearthed.

    Thank you for your help.