Virtual IPs split between two CARP members?

  • Hi Y'all,

    I have an interesting question…  I have 2 pfSense firewalls (2.0-RELEASE, amd64), in a CARP config such that fw1 is the "master" and syncs everything to fw2.  Now, I have 4 virtual IPs (LAN side) on fw1 that are the master.  Works great.  What I wanted to do was some load balancing, such that I move two of the virtual IPs over the the "slave" box, fw02.  So, I kicked up the 'skew' on the virtual IP on fw01, such that fw02 would have the lower skew and would become the Master.  But, when I do that, I notice the slave (fw02) automatically kicks up the skew on it's side by 100, such that my old master on fw01 is still the master...?

    Is there anyway to do this?  Should I not be syncing virtual IPs or something, and trying to set up the master/slave manually?  I get the feeling that the sync bit is somehow incrementing the skew on the slave when I change it on the master.

    Any help appreciated!

  • Hi,

    yes your problem is the sync of carp settings. This would use on backup always the same as on master, exept the skew settings. Skew on backup is master +100.

    Disable syncing of carp and configure it manually on both sides and it should work.


  • could be done but not supported officially,40917.0.html

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