Strange console commands appearing - never seen before

  • On the console screen with the 0-14 options, the following commands have appeared after the Enter an Option: ie it looks like this

    Enter an option: Load_dn_sched dn_sched FIFO Loaded
    load_dn_sched dn_sched QFQ loaded
    load_dn_sched dn_sched RR loaded
    load_dn_sched dn_sched WF2Q+ loaded
    load_dn_sched dn_sched PRIO loaded
    IP Firewall unloaded

    Anyone know what this is as "IP Firewall unloaded" doesnt look favourable?

    Using the FreeBSD console on an old dell poweredge server.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That is normal to see if you enabled (loaded) captive portal or disabled (unloaded) captive portal.

    Those messages are from ipfw which is used for captive portal, so it's only loaded if needed.

  • Yeah I did play with that today, oh well now I know.

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