Multiple LAN Routing

  • Currently have a 1.2.3 pfsense setup - 2 LAN interfaces and 1 WAN, simple setup.

    WAN - Static public block
    LAN -
    OPT -

    LAN clients get to the internet just fine, OPT clients get to the internet just fine, have inbound port forwarding setup and works without issues.  We want to allow the subnet to get access to the subnet, but not allow the to get access to the subnet.  Is this possible?  I can ping the OPT interface from the subnet and vice versa, but not any of the other ip's.  Are there specific rules that need to be setup on each interface to allow this?

  • It is possible. You need a pass rule on the LAN interface that allows traffic to the OPT network, and ensure that there is no rule on the OPT interface that would allow traffic to the LAN network.

  • Thanks clarknova!  I have my default rule for the LAN and the OPT networks to allow internet access, so I added a new rule for the LAN interface for:

    Protocol    Source      Port    Destination  Port    Gateway    Schedule
      TCP        LAN net      *          OPT net      *          *

    I appiled the rule and restarted the firewall, but still cannot ping any device on the OPT network.  I can ping the OPT interface from the LAN net still but no access to the OPT network.  Is there another piece of the puzzle that I am missing?  Under the WAN interface configuration, I have Block BOGON networks unchecked and Block PRIVATE networks checked.  I do appreciate the help!

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    Ping is ICMP, and your rule has a protocol of only TCP. Change the rule to allow any protocol, or add another rule for ICMP, and then you can ping.

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