• hi,

    I am using CARP VIP with 1:1 NAT and everything is working OK
    when i ping from outside the VIP adress, it replies

    but when i ping the hostname of the internal machine from outside, it pings the internal ip and not the VIP adress, and i get no reply

    how can I get hostname assigned to the external VIP adress ?
    i have tried to mapp with DNS forwarder dhcp hostname… but i have the same result


  • Confused. Is this a dyndns-type dynamic hostname? Are you beta testing the pfSense DNS server? Generally the DNS hostname for the server tied to the CARP IP would be registered on a DNS server somewhere else… Unless there is some detail omitted, this would seem to be an issue with the A record on your authoritative DNS server and not have anything to do with pfSense.

  • no i don't use dyndns and iam not a beta tester, i just use the snapshot of 23/03

  • Ok, so you are saying the external hostname you have pointing to the VIP is pointing to the internal IP address? (Or am I missing something?) Where is your DNS hosted? Go here http://www.dnsstuff.com/ and under 'hostname tests' do a DNS lookup on the A record. (eg- you have a webserver on the VIP registered to www.mydomain.com, you would put www.mydomain.com in the box, and look it up.) If this returns your private IP (eg have your DNS person fired, then change the A record to point to to the Public VIP address. If that test returns the correct IP, you have a problem with the local resolver on your workstation.

  • did you turn on nat reflection ?? so that you can ping inside youre network the wan's ip's ?