Multi IP, Failover, 1:1 Nat, custom NAT, VPN, passthrough = Headache

  • I have a problem getting round my network setup. I am new to PFsense, more familiar with NetGear and Draytek devices.

    I have two wans working on failover (this is working) - everything is currently natting out of a single public address. I need anything up to 20 VLANS, some requiring different Outbound NAT addresses, some 1:1, some with their own VPN and at least one where I need to simply pass one public IP via DHCP to another firewall… I have no idea where to begin!!! I know I'll be fine once I understand but the sheer number of different configuration options has me a little dazed. Specifically I have these questions:

    1. How can I pass a public address in my range straight through to a defined VLAN and assign it to a DHCP server on pfsense to hand out?
    2. How can I tell 1 VLAN to NAT out of one public ip and then a whole group of other VLAN's to NAT out another?
    3. How can I replicate everything I have done on WAN1 to WAN2?

    I have attached my required network diagrams as I am damn sure I can't explain the full extent in words! (IP's are purely fictional)

    Any help greatly appreciated!

    Graham ??? ???

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