Major webConfigurator problem

  • Has anyone ever had problems with webConfigurator refusing to start?  I have connectivity into the pf box as I can SSH into it, and I'm connecting to the net right now through the box…. so the box is routing correctly.  But webConfigurator won't start.  When I SSH in and use option 11 to restart webConfigurator I get the error "Warning: chdir(): No such file or directory (errno 2) in /etc/inc/ on line 694".  Upon examination line 694 of /etc/inc/ is "chdir($g['www_path']);".  Everything had been going dandy with the box until a couple hours ago when I noticed I couldn't pull up webConfigurator over https (443).  This is on 2.1-DEVELOPMENT.

    I've tried commenting out line 694 in /etc/inc/ just to see what happens.  The error message in console goes away and reports a successful start of webConfig, but if I try to connect to the normal LAN IP that I've always used in the past to access webConfig there is no response.  I suspect something is up with lighthttpd but can't really figure out how to start resolving the issue.

    And for the record everything was working fine (and still is), didn't change anything to my acknowledge.  I was going to log in and change some logging options when I noticed the web interface wouldn't load!


  • Hi,

    Are this error only occurs when using HTTPS?

    Or you can reset your pfsense into default factory defaults and use the normal connection (HTTP), and if successfully connected, you can reconfigure again to HTTPS.


  • Reset pfsense completely via menu option 4, same problem.  Started looking through syslog and noticed lighthttp was spitting out lots of errors about the directory /usr/local/www/ not being accessable.  Low and behold there is no /usr/local/www/.  Just for fun I mkdir /usr/local/www/ and try reloading webConfigurator and the errors disappear along with getting a connection and a browser loading a nice 404 when I try to load the normal LAN IP.  So, my current guess is /usr/local/www/ held all the PHP that I was normally looking at when using webConfig.

    No idea where the directory went or why it disappeared.  Will look to see if I can get the latest copy of that directory from git.

  • Wow, well, got it working.  Checking out the latest www directory containing all the PHP and HTML did the trick.  Still just blown away that the entire www directory got wiped away.

    If anyone has this issue in the future, goto (well, really just and download a ZIP of the entire project.  Unzip on your machine just the /usr/local/www directory as contained in the ZIP.  Then:

    scp -r /path/to/where/you/unzipped/the/var/local/www/dir

    Downside is you're running the latest bleeding edge HTTP/PHP code which may cause some major compatibilities with the rest of your system.  If you're worried about that just check out the applicable code from git and scp that to your pf box instead.

    YAY!  I love it when I solve my own problems….

  • Netgate Administrator


    YAY!  I love it when I solve my own problems….

    Lol, nice.  :D

    Of course the beauty of using a revision control system like GIT is that you can get code from whatever date or version you like. In this case the master branch has the bleeding edge code now that 2.0 has been released. The 2.0 code is now here:


  • Thanks for pointing out where 2.0 RELEASE code could be obtained.  I agree - git is nice.  :)

    Of course as I was running 2.1 to begin with, I had already settled for bleeding edge anyway.

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    And to make it even easier, you can use gitsync to pull the code in without grabbing files from github by hand.

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