I´m having prb with getting dhcpv6 addresses when i reconnect

  • I have been messing with this for days and, i have been trying with both /64 /128 on the tunnelbroker without any luck

    When i first fire up mu laptop(win7) in the morning it works fine but if i disable/enable interface i dont get any ipv6 address just the ipv4.
    However if change vlan i get a new ipv6 addres there, but then again if i disable/enable i´ll loose the address there to

    I do get address eventually but it can take 5min-20min and ipconfig /renew6 doesent speed things up eather.

    i´m about to set upp another dhcp server to se if that works better.

    also static ipv6 address allways work..

    anyone had prb with getting renews ipv6 address


  • Problem seems to be with the "managed" option, if u run "unmanaged" it works every time i reconnect, just not with "managed"

    anyone else noticed this?


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