Pfsense + ntp

  • How can i set my pfsense router as a ntp server (on the project)?  I can't find openntp into the packages list.  And which ports do i have to open?

  • You don't need to install any package. Go to Services: OpenNTPD and enable the service. Select the interfaces you want it to respond on. You will have to allow port 123 on those interfaces.

  • This is what i did…without success...

  • Did you create a NAT rule? Delete that. You need a firewall rule, but not a NAT Rule.

  • Assuming that you have enabled NTP server on your WAN address then point your firewall rule to "WAN Address".  I assume is your LAN address…

    Your firewall administration rule can also point at your "WAN address"

  • Well i did everthing…but nothing helped...
    Could someone please take a look at the server itself?

  • @krisken:

    Well i did everthing…but nothing helped...

    Its unlikely you have done everything so please elaborate what you have done and what you expect to happen that isn't happening.

    You have made no mention of configuring an NTP client. Have you done so? The configuration information you have provided show ntp server enabled on the WEEPEE01 interface. Therefore you need a firewall rule on the WEEPEE01 interface allowing access to UDP port 123 from whatever clients you want to allow. Then you need to configure ntp on the client(s) to use the pfSense box (IP address of the pfSense WEEPEE01 interface) as its NTP server. You might need to reboot the client. Client NTPs sometimes report what they have done. Have you checked such logs? ntpd on one of my Linux systems regularly writes records like

    Dec  8 06:20:51 mythbox ntpd[7413]: synchronized to, stratum 4
    Dec  8 06:27:24 mythbox ntpd[7413]: time reset +2.452386 s

    in /var/log/syslog

    Have you checked the pfSense firewall log to see if ntp client attempts to access the server have been blocked?

    Unfortunately my pfSense ntpd log remains empty (clog /var/log/ntpd.log) after some days of operation - not even a ntpd startup message.

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