How can i limit downloading speed and not bandwidth for browsing during the day?

  • I have a mix of business and home clients, all connected via antennas. What i need to be able to do and have no idea how to do it on pfSense (2.0-RELEASE) is to basically limit p2p and general downloading to a certain speed (say i sell a 2mbps connection, limit it to say 1mbps) but still allow general surfing and everything to 2mbps, and all this only during the hours of business that i can allocate? hope you are following..

    I want to make sure that most of the available bandwidth during business hours is for my business clients, and after hours for residential clients..  so business clients can keep going at 2mbps during the day and the residential users only can be capped during the day.

    I find that alot of people are downloading movies and watching alot of youtube that eats alot of bandwidth.

  • Floating rules can have a schedule associated with them. So if you know the source networks, then you can write floating rules for day and evening that can put traffic into different queues at different times. Course I have not tried that. I would try that and see if that will do it.

  • You must use Firewall -> Traffic Shaper to achive this. You can cap or prioritize bantwith of vlan which you want. Creat a Queue on Traffic shaper-> Proper Interface -> Add New Queue.Enter the bantwith limit or prioity what you need.Then attach the queue to the rule which the traffic you want to limit.  Also you can schedule this shaping for time based shaping on "Schedule" field of rule menu.

    You can create a schedule on Firewall -> Schedule menu.

  • Hi Luke,

    You will find a solution what you need about it.


  • Hi,

    TrafficShaper seems to be the best choice. There are other algorithms which allows the home-clients to use all bandwidth if there is no business customer downloading. But if the business customer starts downloading he gets the garantueed bandwidth.

    If I remember correct you are using a kind of freeradius. You should think about the following attributes. Perhaps they can help you of CaptivePortal supports them - not sure.

    • WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Down

    • WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Up

    • WISPr-Bandwidth-Min-Down

    • WISPr-Bandwidth-Min-Up

    The first two attributes are for setting an upper limit for download and upload.
    The other two attributes seem to set a garantueed bandwidth. But CaptivePortal must support that.

    Should be just an idea to think about :-)

  • @SGTR:

    Hi Luke,

    You will find a solution what you need about it.


    That creates limit yes, but Captive Portal already does that.  Plus for hundreds of users like i have that would be alot of rule creating.

    That only limits speed, what i want is something that for example, if a client goes to i want them to see they are getting 2mb/1mb but i really only want them to be able to say download something like a torrent or large file at say 100kbps (around 1mb).

  • Hi Again,

    Is it usefull for you to limit video traffics like youtube. I can explain one hint to limit video sites.


  • Ideally you should use the traffic shaper, to ensure that business traffic gets priority over bulk downloads, instead of using a hard bandwidth cap via the CP limiters. It's also a decision between favoring best utilization of bandwidth vs consistency.

    Anyway, the biggest problem with P2P traffic is that it's quite difficult to identify (in order proceed to the next step of limiting it).

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