Imspector: cannot select more then one messaging protocol

  • I am having an issue where I cannot select more then one IM messaging protocol. I can select mutiple interfaces to monitor without issue. I hold down Ctrl and select Yahoo and MSN then select change. After the page reloads I go to check and I see that only the first one I selected is loaded properly.

    When I check the system logs I see that it loads the protocol that was selected first and makes no mention of even attempting to load the others.

    PFSense is version 1.0.1 Oct. 29th

    imspector is version 3.0

    I did update to the most recent version with the command line update I found in another thread, but I have not seen this issue discussed yet.

    Is there anyway to update this setting manually sense the interface doesn't seem to be doing it or is this a deeper issue? Anything that would allow me to select mutiple protocols would be great.

  • What Browser are you using? I use Firefox 2 and Imspector works fine, I can ctrl-select multiple protocols.

  • Please update to a recent snapshot.  That is a package bug that is now fixed.

  • I updated with the following command from the shell:

    fetch -o - | sh -

    No errors occurred during upgrade, but the issue still remains. I cannot select multiple protocols.

    I did try doing this with IE 7 and got the same results.

    Let me know if that is the right URL in the fetch command or if there is anything else I could try?

    Thank you for the assistance sullrich.

  • No, you need to update to the latest pfSense snapshot.

  • Cool. That did it. Thank you much sullrich