Traffic Shaping per Host

  • Hey everybody

    I already searched in the forum about my problem. Can't find anything usefull  :'(

    Oke so I wan't to open up a hosting company.  :)

    I will have on fix IP on the WAN interface and ip alias's on this interface. I can't understand how I can use the limiters per host.

    So how can I use this limiters from a IP alias to a local IP address?

    I make on rule on the wan interface (as source ip an ip alias) and as destination the local ip from a server. Under IN/OUT menu I set my DOWNLOAD/UPLOAD limiters.

    I make on rule on the lan interface (as source ip the local host ip) and as destination the ip alias. Under IN/OUT menu I set UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD limters.

    I know it is a design error but i can't find it  :)

    Did I have to do somthing in the 1:1 NAT?

    best regards


  • Nobody knows something??  :)

  • Can you screen shot your rules? I am having trouble with your description. From what is sounds like, the rules are the problem, but I am unsure.

  • You can achive this by using hsfc traffic shaper.You can use  Service Curve -> Upperlimit  ->m2 field  on proper Queue. Then attach queue to the rule involving  host alias.

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