Installation Scenario

  • Hello, first post here

    I support a small rural k12 school that has only one option for internet. I currently have 4 1.5mb circuits (2 circuits are new installs) but unfortuantely all 4 circuits are on the same address space (the only way I can obtain static IP's) and the commercial multiplexer that I have in place requires a static ip with each static IP on different address space for each wan port if you want to load balance more than 2 circuits. The ISP is unable (or unwilling) to provide segmented address space on the new installed circuits which sent me out to google other alternatives.

    Is this something that I would be able to accomplish with Pfsense?

    I might add this school is totally self sustained, totally off the grid, closest copper is ~10 miles away. Power is generated by solar and wind. The internet circuits are a wireless connection that is at the fringe of reception (17.9 air miles), telephony is voip.

    Talk about a challenge :)

  • Do you have ppp connections with them?  T-1 or ethernet circuits?

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