What is a valid Dynamic DNS address for 'My identifier'

  • Hi,
    i tried to set my Dynamic DNS to "domain.ath.cx", as my identifier but get an error message: "A valid Dynamic DNS address for 'My identifier' must be specified."
    So, what is a valid Dynamic DNS address?

    I am trying to setup an IPsec tunnel beetween two sites with dynamic addresses, though i am not sure that this will actually work. But according to Scott Ullrich in this message: "http://www.mail-archive.com/support@pfsense.com/msg03192.html" it should be possible.

    Do anyone know if i am suppose to use site2's dynamic address in the "Remote gateway" field? I have tried and pfSense does not complain about the input being letters and not an ip address.

    Thanks for a superb fw.


  • I just found a Dynamic Dns lookup bug.  Will be included in beta2.

  • What's the big difference in using ddns versus using the dynamic domain as a domain name identifyer?

    Example: My Identifyer - Domain Name - dyn.dyndns.org


    Example My Identifyer - Dynamic DNS - dyn.dyndns.org

    Is there anything functionally different?

  • Different code paths are used to discover the IP.  Down the road we will have a helper of some sorts that monitors for an ip change and will let the tunnel failover to the new ip more gracefully.

  • Ah, that makes sense… and actually that sounds pretty excellent :)