• Hello

    I am a newbie and I have a big problem.
    I would like redirect my LAN to my WAN in order to go on Internet. I made a success of thanks to bridge (LAN on WAN).

    But I wouldn't like use a bridge. In fact, I only want a router from LAN to WAN.
    I've so tried everything : static route, disable the firewall..

    I have currently:

    LAN :
    DHCP Server : 192.168.1.X
    Gateway :
    Mask :

    WAN (obtained by DHCP) :
    IP :
    Gateway :
    Mask :
    Dns :

    I think I must use static route but it doesn't work.

    Thanks for your help.  :)

  • give the wan a static ip adress with out a gateway
    so that nat is disabled
    then set up a static route to where you lan trafic has to go

  • Thanks for your answer but it doesn't work.  :'(

    In fact, Pfsense says me that I must give it a gateway in WAN.

    I give you some adjustement of my config :

    Interfaces -> WAN
      IP address :
      Gateway : (I'm obliged)
      FTP Helper -> unchecked
      Block private networks -> unchecked
      Block bogon networks -> unchecked

    Interfaces -> LAN
      IP address :
      Gateway :
      FTP Helper -> unchecked

    System -> Advanced functions
      Shared Physical Network -> unchecked
      Filtering Bridge -> unchecked
      Static route filtering -> unchecked
      Disable Firewall -> checked (I would like ever test without firewall problems !  ;))
      Disable NAT Reflection -> unchecked

    System -> Static Routes
      Interface        Network                Gateway

    Thanks for your help !

  • I have formatted my configuration and now it's working !