Cannot Install ntop

  • Hi All
    I am having a strange problem in pfsense 2.0
    I uninstalled ntop some time ago to try bandwidthd Now that I'm sure I prefer ntop, I wanted to reinstall it but I am not seeing it on the available packages tab. Why is this? Can anyone help please?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Are you on NanoBSD/embedded?

    At one time we had it enabled for there, but others reported issues installing it on NanoBSD, and it wouldn't really be feasible to run there long-term anyhow, so it was disabled. It's only enabled for full installs now.

  • Yes I am no nanoBSD embedded. It was actually working fine. I'm sorry I deleted it now. Is there any way to install it again?

  • Maybe I should explain my problem a little further. I wanted to be able to know who is abusing the bandwidth. Ntop did that since I could click on the graph and see who was responsible for my bandwidth usage going up. Is the some other package that provides this information easily?

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