1:1 NAT does not appear to be working

  • Morning,

    We have several 1:1 NAT mappings but they do not appear to be working. Below is an example of one I have configured with dummy IP addresses used.

    Interface: WAN
    External IP: (public IP from ISP)
    Internal IP: single host - (private IP on LAN of server)
    Destination IP: * (any)
    Nat reflection: Disabled

    Nat Outbound
    Manual Outbound NAT Rule generation selected

    Interface: WAN
    Protocol: Any
    Source: Any
    Destination: Any
    Translation: Interface Address (static port option ticked)

    Port Forward
    None set

    I have firewall rules set allowing traffic to my internal IP's on the particular WAN interface in question.

    Thank you for looking.  :)

    Kind Regards

  • Define "not working". You need a virtual IP and didn't mention adding that, that's my first guess.

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