Package for recording amount of traffic going to local IPs?

  • Hi i'm wondering if pfSense already has, or there is a package for, recording how much traffic is going to individual IP's?

    There are around 15 people in the office here, but for some reason someone has been downloading consistantly at 2Mb/s on one of our load balanced lines (at first I thought it might be torrents but torrent traffic should be loadbalanced, not just restricted to one line only) I can't seem to find anyway of pinpointing who this is. Apart from going to each individuals PC and checking them (which would give the person plenty of time to shut down their downloading application).

    So is there such a thing that monitors how much traffic is going to each local IP?

  • Darkstat, Bandwidthd and ntop can be used to see how much traffic i used on each host/ip

  • ah yes, I found bandwidthd from some more searching of the forums… honestly I didn't know about the package installer in pfSense, the more I use it the more amazing a piece of software I realise it is.

    Is bandwidthd the best of the traffic monitors? Or does darkstat and ntop offer something different?

    I'm using 3com NIC's if its of any relevance.

  • 3com should work

    Bandwithd will give you a "easy to use" look on traffic

    prolly what you need