Multiwan load balancing upload speed issues

  • Hey guys new to Pfsence so I have an issue of course.
    I have setup a multi wan to single lan load balancer and I am getting about 75% download on both lines, but my upload is running at about 10% of what is should be any ideals on what would cause this issue? I have tried everything I can think of and googled it but no joy in finding a solution.
    My setup is a 20 meg up/down connection and then a buisness line that is 20 down and 3 up. I am getting about 29 megs down and 4 to 5 up. The 29 down is fine but the 4 to 5 up is not good with no load balancer I can get 13 to 15 up. any ideals what I did wrong?
    Let me know if you need more info.

  • same problem with me :(

  • I have no multiwan by myself, but for any help it would be neat to have screenshots of your rules