Ftp 3 Wans

  • I have pfSense 2.0 Release running. I have setup 3 Wans in the Gateway menu. In Gateway groups I set a tiered failover for wan1 (opt1), wan2 (opt3), wan3 (wan). I added in a lan rule to forward all outbound lan traffic to the fail over gateway. I added a nat forward for all sources with destination opt1 ip, opt3 ip and wan ip to my internal server. I let it create the rules on all three interfaces. I can connect on opt3 fine, I can connect on wan, for whatever reason, ftp clients are having a hit or miss time connecting to opt1. Is there an issue with FTP helper handling more than 2 wans in 2.0? I am baffled as to why this opt1 interface is being so random. We also use the opt1 as our main connection and it is stable, low latency, and has yet to go down.

    Any ideas?

  • I completely reconfigured everything and jumbled up the interfaces. I moved opt 1 to wan I moved wan to opt 1 and I reconfigured opt3 as opt3. I reconfigured the gateway load balance and rules. Now opt3, which is a different internet connection, is not alowing full ftp passthrough with ftp helper. The wan and opt1 interfaces work fine. I now think this is a bug with the ftp helper, but don't know what other information I should collect to report it.

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