VLan scenereo question

  • I have 3 nics in this system but am only using 2. I prefer to keep the 3rd open in case we ever get a backup wan connection going. We have 5 USABLE public ip addresses in our range. I am adding a vlan (tag id: 1) to the LAN interface. All the computers are on range, the vlan is on 16.1-100 range. BUT here is the thing I would like. I would like to setup everything on that 16.* range to use a different public ip than the people who are on the 1.* range.

    How would I go about doing this in pfsense? Thanks.

  • Use virtual IP to assign a second public IP address to the WAN. I don't know much about VIPs so I can't help you with the details.

    Turn on advanced outbound NAT and you'll see a bunch of auto-generated NAT rules. For those sourced from the vlan, change the NAT address to the VIP.

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