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    In my pf-sense box two LAN cards are is acting as LAN and other is acting as wan.
    On wan dhcp is enabled. the wan is taking INTERNET from router and my pc is connected with lan of pfsense.
    The problem is that : Let wan port is connected with router and lan is connected with my pc .when I on pfsense box from power button then after completely start up, pfsense will give no internet to my pc even there is no access with pfsense web conf page. pfsense give ip,subnet,default gateway,dns at this condition to my pc but there is no access to any think.
    if let pfsense box is shutdown and i remove the wire connected with wan port and then i on the pfsense box.After completely start(giving ip,subnet,default gateway,dns to my pc) if i plug wire of internet in wan port then internet will acess and also the the pfsense page will also access.
    why INTERNET is not accessing if INTERNET wire is already plug in wan port?

  • Aren't you using the same network on wan and lan?

    check you firewall rules and dns forwarder options.

    try to ping an external ip to check if your problem is routing or dns

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