What's the best option currently for load balancing and failover? HAProxy?

  • Hi folks

    We're busy restructuring our hosting environment and are set on using pfSense.

    Our biggest question is around load balancing. Our preference is to use HAProxy (in fact, this is what led us to pfSense). But I thought we would ask the experts … that's where you come in.

    At first our "load balancing" will be more for failover. We have a few sites that must be available, so we have a few servers running behind the firewall.

    Is HAProxy the best option to use with pfSense?
    Is the built-in load balancing good enough for failover?
    What version of pfSense should we deploy if we use HAProxy?


  • Use pfsense 2.0 64bits.

    If you need to balance https, the best choice is haproxy.
    If you need to speed up responses as well reduce server load, then the best choice will be varnish(http only).

    My best scenario has varnish for http(really fast) and haproxy for https.

    Haproxy just balance but varnish can balance, failover balance, cache and Forward clients remote ip.

  • Thanks Marcelloc

    Does the current ver 2.0 have a stable and effective HAProxy?
    The guys at Applianceshop.eu seemed to think that v1.2.3 was better.

  • 2.0 am64 is the best choice.

    Haproxy 1.4 is upcoming for 2.0

  • If I set up a 2nd appliance to use CARP, do the HAProxy and Varnish settings also sync over?

  • yes, both has sync options.

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