In search of low power >8-port Gbit switch

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    But since many people here run pfSense on the ALIX or Soekris platform for low power reasons, I think I might have a chance of getting an answer. Can anyone recommend a 12 to 16 port (unmanaged) Gigabit switch that is reliable and low power at the same time. I'm targeting sub 10W at full power with power saving for inactive ports and short cable lengths. Sub 3W in stand-by maybe.


    Kind regards, Marc

  • Try looking into the newer 'Green' switches by D-link.  Those will support the port power down and auto-power based on cable length.

  • Thanks for the pointer. I already found the D-link DGS range and since you're now pointing in the same direction, I guess they are the only low power range available. I can't seem to find any other.

  • I think the 8 port HP 1810 has some green features, I know my 24 port version does.  I think it even supports be powered over PoE.  There is even a "Green Mode" which disables the LED port indicator lights.  Good if you keep the switch in your bedroom, I hate lights at night.

    Looks like the 8 port model consumes 7 watts.  Not bad.  Looks like the comparable D-link 8-port green switch consumes 6 watts.  The HP has an awesome lifetime warranty though.

  • Thanks again for the reply. The HP Procurve lead me to read some datasheets of the line-up and one thing lead me to another. It seems there's an approved IEEE standard called 802.3az, energy efficient ethernet and it's gaining momentum. Currently there are only 2 models in the HP Procurve range and they are only 100Mbit switches, but the 16-port only consumes 3.6W at full power, that is truly impressive. I think that within 6 to 12 month we should see more of this technology.

  • Wow, that really is amazing consumption for that 16 port.  I was impressed by my 1810-24 port HP's 20 watt consumption!  I know that most counterparts consume much more and Cisco is also much pricier.  I will have to keep 802.3az in mind, seems very promising and something we will see in many future products.  It is amazing how fast all aspects of IT change, I think my 24 port 3550 consumes over 50 watts!

  • I recommend the Netgear GS108Tv2 8-port fanless managed switch

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    Hmm, not sure what you're recommending there.
    The GS108 is an 8 port switch (hence the 8!). Only 4 Watts full power though.
    The GS110TP is a 10 port switch but it uses 60W. Most of that is it's POE capability.

    I'm right behind you on Netgear though. Hard to beat them for small desktop switches.


  • That was a typo. Corrected it. :)

  • @asterix:

    I recommend the Netgear GS108Tv2 8-port fanless managed switch


    A colleague  and I both bought one of these earlier this year (at least 6 months ago), and so far no problems.  I've updated firmware twice with no problem also.  Web interface can be a little on the slow side at times but okay for the price point.

    GS108T Model:

  • Me three for the Netgear.

    I bought two of these when I was certain my HP ProCurve 1810G-8 switches had got fried in a power spike.  They are every bit as good and probably better than the HPs. At least ntp works on them.

    It turned out that the GUI had just locked up on the HPs and I had to hard reset to get them back.

    The power spike, I discovered later, was the result of puppy chewing through a short exposed section of electrical conduit at the side of the house, along with all the wires contained therein.  Dog OK, yard lights and pool pump not.

  • I also have had the Netgear GS108Tv2 for ~1 year and never gave me problems. But recently needed a bigger switch and got an HP ProCurveHP 1410-16G, at a good price.

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