Blocking certain browser clients from accessing the web

  • Hi,

    Anyway to block browser clients from accessing the internet via squid, i've seen the settings from advproxy of ipcop and smoothwall but it seems i cannot find it in proxy server settings of pfsense. where should i look for that?

    please help!


  • google for squid acls and configure it in squid custom settings squid package option.
    Also take a look at squidguard, there are many options on this package for filtering web access

  • Netgate Administrator

    Advproxy is Squidguard (at least mostly) so you should be able to find most of the settings replicated. Some may not be in the GUI though.
    Are you wanting to block by browser? E.g. allow Chrome and block Internet Explorer?


  • stephenw10,

    One of the many options …

    If the intention is to block a particular browser through Squid, do it directly in the configuration file. Create an ACL like this:

    BROWSER acl Mozilla browser-i \ (compatible; MSIE )

    Should this match MSIE and Mozilla based browsers.


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