Can't get simple 1 WAN - 2 LAN to work!

  • I am using pfsense as a simple router…nothing fancy.  Right now it is setup with a single set of public IP's and has worked great for years.  I was alotted another set of public IP's and added a NIC (OPT1) and can't get this to work.  I added the interface, assigned the IP's, went in the Firewall and allowed all traffic on OPT1....nothing.  What am I missing here?

    WAN - 69.85.202 /29

    LAN - /22  (works fine)


    OPT1 - /26 (can't get to the internet)

  • I'm assuming you do not need to NAT on the interfaces.

    In which case, you simply head over to Firewall: NAT

    Switch to Advance Outbound NAT.

    Remove all the autocreated NAT rules.

    Under Firewall rules, you need to go to LAN and OPT1 tabs.

    Edit the rules to use the WAN gateway as the gateway for each subnet.

  • Sounds like the new subnet isn't being routed to you properly by your ISP, though not enough info there to tell you. Packet capture on WAN when trying to connect to it from the Internet, if you don't see it, you aren't getting it routed to you.