Attempting PFI install from CD using USB disk for config has failure on fsck

  • Hi,
    I'm attempting to prepare a backup machine for our firewall using the instructions for Pre-Flight Install from the Definitive Guide. I'm using a recently burned CD image of 2.0.
    It recognised the SanDisk Cruzer flash drive and saw the config file  config.xml during boot, and showed this on the console.
    I selected Recovery Install, and selected da0 as the device from the list offered, which it had clearly identified as a USB device.
    It bombed out saying:
    /sbin/fsck -t ufs -y /dev/da0s1a; /bin/mkdir /tmp/hdrescue; /sbin/mount /dev/da0s1a /tmp/hdrescue
    FAILED with a return code of 1
    /dev/da0s1a: No such file or directory Cannot stat /dev/da0s1a… blah blah

    I accepted the View Log option and paged thru, seeing that it had successfully performed fdisk on /dev/da0 and detected a 32-bit FAT (LBA) filesystem, and seen the config file.

    I am puzzled completely by the command it failed on, as it knows it's not a UFS filesystem, and the device file it tried to use is not obvious either.
    Any ideas?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The mount command probably failed, it's saying it can't find /dev/da0s1a

    Are you sure that memory stick is properly formatted/partitioned? You might try a different stick, or completely zero the drive out and then (in windows) use disk manager to redo the partition and then have it reformat the stick.

  • @jimp:

    The mount command probably failed, it's saying it can't find /dev/da0s1a

    Because the slice is formatted with FAT32 there will be no a partition. It is probably the fsck that is failing because there is no FreeBSD a partition in a FAT32 slice.

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