Updating screenshots and feature list

  • I have noticed that the screenshots on pfsense.org still show a copyright notice of 2007 and they are still from 1.2.3 or earlier. I would like to offer to take screenshots and process them down to size. I can even take screenshots of various packages in their working state if required. I know it is probably not a top priority for people involved in the project but please let me know if you would like some updated screenshots done.

    I could write up an extended feature list that you could then correct and modify as you want, i am sure the developers have better things to do, but I would realy like to see the feature list and the screenshots up to date.  :o  ;D

  • I would suggest PM'ing some samples to jimp.

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    Please don't. :-) (PM, I mean! Making screencaps is fine)

    I hadn't noticed but there is quite a bit of outdated info there. If you want to suggest things that would make for good screenshots to replace what's there, feel free. Both myself and cmb have SnagIt which is excellent for making and carving up screenshots in various ways, it's what we used when making the book, examples on the wiki, and so on. That is a paid app but they have a free variant (Jing, I think) that may be useful as well.

    If you want to make screenshots, feel free! Any help is appreciated. Try to make sure you avoid capturing any personally identifiable information. And if you capture graphs, make sure they're full of data like the ones on there. Attach them to messages here if possible (or inline them) and others can contribute as well. Even if we don't use the specific captures you made, it may give us ideas.

    If you spot anything else that needs updated, let us know. We get so busy doing support that sometimes the site updates lag a bit behind. I updated the versions page a bit a few weeks ago, but I'm not sure what else out there could use refreshing.

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    Also - What did you see missing on the features list? I just looked at it, and it mentioned 2.0 and I saw a few 2.0-specific items in the list, but I didn't go over it extensively.

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